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Imagine.  Putting Your Company's Logo in Front of Golfers for Hours.

Great for company sponsored tournaments, or just a great advertising give-away for company golf outings.  Golf PAC will custom embroider your company's logo that will give valuable item protection and valuable "face time" for an entire round of golf.  What other product reaches this desirable audience for hours and hours like this?​   Golf PAC with embroidery, you can not find any better advertisement.  Golf PAC is a very useful product that advertises for you....for years and years.

Put Your Logo, Line of Sight for Hours!


Place an order for 24 pcs. or more and we will custom embroider your company's logo and deep discount this essential golf product!   Your logo may contain colors and 5,000 stitches (which handles almost all logos).  You can not buy better "face time" for the 3 to 4 hours that each golf game will give you. 


Golf PAC for Retailers.


Golf PAC is a perfect addition to your add-on cash register sales.   AND it helps prevent distraught golfers asking your crew to scour the golf course for their lost telephone or keys.  Better yet, we will put your golf course's logo on it so that your logo will be on display on golf courses around the world!




Golf PAC avoids lost items.


Golf PAC securely ataches to your golf cart's windsheild and keeps your golfer's telephone, rangefinder, sunglasses and keys safe  When your customer's valuables are safe, your customers have happy golfing experiences.  

Golf PAC  prevents problems and lost items.  For your customers.  And for your staff.  Add your logo and you have your course's logo in plain view for hours and for many golf games to come!


For more information, questions and ordering call,  336-918-1696


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