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 Keep Your Gear Inside the Golf Cart.  

Always Secure.  Always Within Reach.



Steve Hondos

The Golf PAC is simple to use:  Step 1.  Un-roll it from your golf bag.  It protects your rangefinder, so it should already be in it.  Step 2:    Stick the suction cups to your golf cart's windsheild.


You now have tight pockets that will keep your cell phone, car keys, rangefinder and other valuables within easy reach, in plain view and always inside the golf cart. 

     No more will you watch your "stuff" slide around inside the golf cart's "glove box." 

     No more backing up to retrieve catapulted items sloshed out from a wild driving golf partner.

     No more asking the golf shop to call you if the turf crew finds your lost phone.

     With the Golf PAC, the things you brought with you, stay with you.  When you aren't constantly     watching over important gear, you focus on your golf game and your day is better. 




    Use us for the bathroom, the boat, the car, tools , painters, crafts, hundreds of uses! Makes a great gift!



























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